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my pain feels like... has been developed by Grünenthal GmbH in collaboration with Montescano Pain School

my pain feels like...

Take a pain questionnaire by the My Pain Feels Like initiative
My Pain Feels Like initiative

His pain is personal.
Her pain is unique.
Their stories are different.

The 'mypainfeelslike...' initiative has compiled a series of stories from Irish patients with a variety of pain conditions. Please take some time to view our short patient stories, to read and learn from patients with different pain experiences. You might even discover a patient story that is similar to your own.

Select any of the stories / videos to read and hear how different types of pain have impacted the lives of these people.

The 'mypainfeelslike…' initiative aims to raise awareness of pain and support patients when communicating with their doctor via the 'mypainfeelslike…' questionnaire, helping you to describe your pain and aid an early and accurate diagnosis. If you and your doctor have a better common understanding of the pain you are suffering from, treatment success can be higher and you might be able to avoid trial and error treatment approaches. Play an active role in the treatment process and take the print out of the 'mypainfeelslike…' questionnaire to your next doctor's appointment.

If you would like to learn more about different kinds of pain, click here.

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Image of a patient with chronic pain that feels like electric shocks
Image of a patient with chronic pain that feels like burning fire
Image of a patient with chronic pain that feels like metal filings
William McLoughlin. the national secretary for Chronic Pain Ireland
Image of a patient with chronic post-surgery nerve pain