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Healthcare professionals

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Pain Management Programme

Nurse-led pain clinics in GP practices

The 'mypainfeelslike...' campaign conducted a pain management programme with general practitioners (GPs) in Leinster, Ireland in 2017.

The pain clinics which were run over two stages - assessment and re-assessment - were developed to support GPs and practice nurses with the management of people diagnosed with persistent pain.

Pain Management Programme Leaflet

A brief overview of the nurse-led pain clinic, outlines the stages for running a pain clinic and the results of the programme.

To download the Pain Management Programme leaflet click here

Pain Management Programme Video

Dr Rukshan Goonewardena, GP Principal in Ballyjamesduff Family Practice in Cavan and Caitriona Pollard, registered nurse who ran the programme, talk about the pain clinics in more detail outlining the steps taken, the challenges and the benefits to patients.

When Pain Becomes Chronic: Can it be Prevented?

Dr Hugh Gallagher, Pain Specialist and Consultant Anaesthetist at St Vincent's University and St Columcille's Hospitals, talks about the 'Importance of Pain Management in a Primary Care Setting'.

Date of preparation: May 2018, IRE/MPF18 0006

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